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TurnKey Direct Marketing, Inc. has a proven track record in selecting individual lists to enhance your specific mailing audience. With over a decade of expertise, our skilled project managers will help coordinate the design, assist you in writing a compelling story, implement every detail from list management to providing a final analysis on delivered pieces.

TurnKey Direct Marketing, Inc. has access to thousands of extremely unique target markets and will provide the expertise to make sure your marketing needs are obtained in an efficient and customized process.

As a sole service provider, TurnKey Direct Marketing, Inc. will not only simplify the process for you but also provide short lead times and eliminate costly mistakes in coordination.

New technologies are creating improved options for direct mail marketers that not only reduce costs, but also improve your response rate. TurnKey Direct Marketing, Inc. understands these processes and when to utilize them.

Our Strengths

  • Total Project Management: Simple, easy coordination, lower cost, few mistakes, one point contact.
  • Generate Large Average Gifts: More likely to receive subsequent and larger gifts.
  • Annual Plan Implementation: Correct allocations of resources to maximize contributions.
  • Maximize ROI: More revenue for your mission.
  • Best Practices: Totally dedicated to charities, we have tested everything and know what works.