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Creating Donors of High Lifetime Value

The key to any direct mail campaign is targeting a compassionate generous audience with your most compelling messages. Through 15 years of service and 100’s of millions of dollars raised, TurnKey has built programs that create and cultivate donors. By literally testing hundreds of variables, we know the best practices that will maximize response and ROI. We can create and track tests of your own to mail better and smarter with every effort. Often the steps we take to increase response actually require investment, further increasing ROI. Bottom line — we want to show you how direct mail can help you locate and create better donors.

Turn to TurnKey for Comprehensive and Customized Direct Mail Solutions.

As a complete service provider, TurnKey Direct Marketing will not only simplify the process for you, but also provide short lead times and eliminate costly mistakes in coordination. New technologies are creating improved options for direct mail fundraisers that reduce costs, and improve your response rate. TurnKey Direct Marketing has expertise on how to utilize these processes.

The United States Postal Service continues to offer strong incentives in the form of postal discounts to mailers that comply with automation standards. These standards are generally not conducive to improved response. TurnKey Direct Marketing has the skill to assure you get the postal discounts you want, without compromising response.

Appeal Generation

  • Concept development
  • Annual strategic plan
  • Letter writing/critique
  • Best practices that lift response


  • One to six colors
  • Sheet fed offset
  • Full and half web
  • Digital

Envelopes (that get opened!)

  • One to four colors
  • Flexo and litho
  • Custom size and window

Data Processing

  • Formatting
  • Presorting at all levels
  • Merge/purge
  • Custom enhancing
  • NCOA processing
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Data append to divulge donor potential

Response Analysis

  • Test creating & tracking
  • Segment and coding
  • Comprehensive reporting

Mailing Lists

  • Donor List
  • Consumer list
    • Lifestyle/interest selects
    • Demographic selects
  • Compiled list
  • Business list
  • List research/selection/testing


  • Personalization
  • Standard and jumbo inserting
  • Full handwork service

Postal Consultation

  • Automation “discount” qualification
  • Bar code set-up
  • Postal requirement expertise
  • Mailing panel & reply piece compliance
  • Endorsements to update addresses

Specialty Items

  • Card, Post-it, and magnet tipping
  • Hand written letters
  • Banners and signs
  • Address labels
  • Premiums & freemiums
  • Newsletters that create positive revenue
  • Window clings